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So you want to view real-time footage from your webcam?MobileCamStreamer is a desktop application that enables your webcam to be viewed on your cell phone.

  MobileCamStreamer by mobiDEOS automatically detects webcams that are connected to your computer and enables them for use with MobileCamViewer-even if you are behind a firewall.
No need to configure your router
No need to open any ports
No need for a static IP
No need for DDNS services
  All webcams connected to PCs are supported including but not limited to Logitech, Creative, Microsoft, HP, Dell and more. Webcams connected to Macs and are not supported as of now, but they are in our product road-map.
  In addition, MobileCamStreamer will allow you to share your real-time video simultaneously with your family and friends on their cell phones or computers ( stream is sent ONLY when requested ) :
Watch your child or pet while you're away
Broadcast important events to your friends & family
Your family or friends can monitor your home on their cell phones or computers while you're away
  MobileCamStreamer automatically restarts and reconnects to the server in case of a power or network failure:
No need to manually restart the service
Secures your monitoring system even over longer periods of unattended time, while away from home

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Watch your Webcam on your Mobile Phone
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