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ICRealTime - Mobile Surveillance
IC Realtime Mobile Software offers surveillance solutions for virtually every situation. Whether you’re a homeowner who just wants to check up on the home while away, a store owner who would like to monitor all aspects of your business at all times, or a proprietor of a large enterprise who would like to have organized video surveillance from all of your cameras. IC Realtime has a solution that will save you time and money and give you peace of mind.

How can IC Realtime save you money and make your home or business more intelligent? In many cases IC Realtime mobile software is compatible with your existing infrastructure or, at least, it can be made to be compatible which will save you countless hours and dollars that you would otherwise have to spend on new equipment or on running new cable throughout your home or business.

IC Realtime mobile software is integrates with major cell phone and PDA manufacturers such as Apple (iPhone & iTouch), Motorola, Nokia, BlackBerry (RIM), Sony-Ericson, Dell, HP, LG, Samsung, Sanyo and HTC and supports over 500 different models. IC Realtime mobile software is a carrier class product, tested and passed with leading cell phone carriers such as AT&T, Verizon Wireless (RIM), Sprint/Nextel, T-Mobile and Orange.