MobileCamViewer - Video Surveillance Live On Your Cell Phone
a1 mobiDEOS UCNE
(Universal Cloud and Network Enabler)
(Cloud Powered Video Encoder)
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The innovative mobiDEOS UCNE solution accelerates how enterprises, government agencies, small businesses and other organizations transition to IP systems by transforming any analog DVR - regardless of make or model - into an open, multi-platform surveillance solution.

UCNE is ONVIF Profile S compatible.

UCNE extends the lifetime of legacy video surveillance equipment by introducing advanced IP capabilities that prepare DVR content for remote monitoring - live, playback, alerts; in-depth video analytics; redundant cloud-based storage, and integration with video walls and access control systems . This multi-platform approach is enabled at a fraction of the cost thanks to mobiDEOS' open-systems strategy eliminating proprietary traps that lock customers into specific systems.

Our UCNE box adds Motion detection, Video loss, and Video blind alert features to your CCTVs.

UCNE's intelligent architecture further reduces operating costs through optimizing bandwith usage (motion detection), sending alerts (video blind, video loss) and making video available to large numbers of concurrent video streams with multiplexing technology.

The entire package adds up a feature-rich, all-inclusive surveillance tool that protects the user's investment in legacy equipment - while opening up new efficiencies and opportunities created by IP network architecutres with a single line API.