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MobileCamViewer - Deployment Options

mobiDEOS offers four deployment options for businesses, educational institutes, governments and large organizations.
a1 SAAS   a3 ia1 LOCAL
MobileCamViewer Client-Server system installation on customer servers

In this setup MobileCamViewer Internet Server is installed on your hardware, keeping all the video content flow within your control. Video can be streamed on HTTPS with SSL 128 bit encryption. This option requires you to have a publicly available( or on DMZ ) IP address or URL.



The video stream always remains within your hardware.
This deployment can be run on a WiFi LAN or on the Internet.
Allows you to manage your network of users by instantly activating and deactivating users? status.
Maximizes your investment by allowing an unlimited number of users access to the video feed.

Hardware & software requirements for MobileCamViewer Internet Server:

In this configuration the MobileCamViewer Internet Server must be on an External (public) IP address/URL

- Intel Core Duo, 2GHZ

- Linux or Windows OS
- VMware Player / VMware Workstation

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