MobileCamViewer - Video Surveillance Live On Your Cell Phone
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mobiDEOS offers a range of surveillance and cell phone-based remote monitoring solutions to fit your specific needs.  Whether you just want to monitor your home with your webcam while you’re away or you want to monitor your large network of cameras at your business, we have a version of MobileCamViewer that will fit your needs. 
mobiDEOS offers these solutions as ASP – SAAS (software as a service).

Try new Web Viewer to see streaming on browser:
View and Control Cameras, DVRs/NVRs on any browser
Nothing to install
Works on Mac

MobileCamViewer offered as a Service - SAAS
As an ASP we operate secure and reliable service and provide an application through which you can gain instant access to view and PTZ control your camera on your cell phone. MobileCamViewer application, which is custom built to the operating system of your mobile device, is rich with features that are not available in browser-based systems. MobileCamViewer application works on over 90% of phones, where as browser based systems only works on a fraction of available phones with lot of frustrations.
MobileCamViewer’s User Interface is designed to be easy and quick:

Downloading MobileCamViewer is fast and simple—it takes just three minutes to download onto your cell phone and it’s ready to use.
With MobileCamViewer you can view your video in just a few seconds.
MobileCamViewer gives you dashboard-style access to your cameras and DVRs at your fingertips, so you’re not frustrated by typing the URL, passwords on your mobile phone every time you need to access a camera.
MobileCamViewer offers access to your cameras to multiple users simultaneously. With simultaneous viewing, you, your co-workers and friends and family can all view your video at the same time, from different cell phones, and from different locations.

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mobiDEOS has three service MobileCamViewer versions  to fit your specific needs.  These versions are based on number of cameras, number of DVRs//Video Servers, and capabilities such as PTZ:

MobileCamViewer Basic Version MobileCamViewer Standard Version MobileCamViewer Enterprise Basic Version

Your Camera or DVR Setup

Your Phone Setup