5 Ways Technology Help Keep You Safe

Not only has technology made life much easier, it’s also made it safer than ever before. You might not think so if you spend any time watching the news or reading the newspapers. Technology has also received lots of bad press with reference to hackers stealing your data, smartphone addiction, cyberstalking, and much more. It’s very rare that you hear anything about technology keeping you safe, so how about we try to redress the balance? If you want to keep safe, here are some of the ways technology can do it.

1. Control Your Security Systems
If you’ve got a security system for your home or business, it’s possible to control and monitor it from your phone, wherever you might be. If you’re going away on vacation or out at work all day, it’s possible to keep a close eye on your home and make sure everything is safe while you’re away. Smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, door locks, and cameras can all be controlled remotely.

2. GPS
The GPS you have on your phone helps to keep you safe in many ways. If you’ve got a pet, you can track it. Similarly, it’s also possible to find out where your children are. Using a GPS system when you’re out in your car means you don’t have to keep stopping to look at a map or be distracted trying to look for signs. Your GPS system can also alert you when there is a problem with traffic or an accident up ahead.

3. Secure Banking
Banking online is very convenient, and thanks to technology, it’s also very secure. Security features are used when you want to log in, and different devices can be used depending on your needs. Your bank is able to tell whether someone other than you is trying to access your account. Online banking websites make use of SSL certificates to secure customer information, so valuable data such as your card details, username, and passwords are secure.

4. For Your Eyes Only
Data encryption means your information is encoded so that only authorizes parties can retrieve and read it. Companies such as Altium provide research and development companies with software that allows them to continue making our lives safer and safer. Remote computer hacking is a big concern, especially for businesses, and if a company has the right tools, they can provide better solutions.

5. Keeping Kids Safe
There are many ways technology can be used to keep your kids safe. Did you realize that if there’s a teen driver in the family, it’s possible to prevent them from using their phone while they’re driving? Using video phone services to speak to your kids lets you see where they are, not only hear their voices.

Can you remember a time before technology played such a large part in our lives? If your car broke down, you would have to walk to the nearest garage because you didn’t have a phone. If you wanted to transfer money to a member of the family in another country, you would have to pay your local bank a visit. Technology has made such a huge difference to our lives that it’s difficult to imagine what life would be without it.

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