Open Network Ports for remote access

You have an IP Camera or a DVR/NVR and want to be able view, access and manage wherever you are. However you are not sure how to configure the network to do so. Port Forward is a tricky one as it varies with router models and there are so many of them.

Watch and learn port forwarding on various routers on different operating systems of the computers. Our editorial team has searched and analyzed several hundreds of videos and compiled the right ones and categorized for your convenience.

Note: Though some of the videos show how to for other equipment such as minecraft, but the procedure to port forward still remains the same.

Other useful links you may need are: Checks if the ports are open shows default usernames and passwords of various routers shows your public IP address to check if the ports are open gives the resources and text instructions on port forwarding


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10 mins. Good overview on physical wire setup on a DVR.

DVR – SonicWall Router – Windows7. Good overview on physical wire setup on a DVR. [...]
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60 mins. Good introduction.

Good introduction to IP, local/public IP, dynamic/static IP, LAN/WAN – overview, educational and comprehensive video. [...]
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5 mins. Port forwarding/NAT

5 mins. Port forwarding in some routers it is referred to as NAT [...]
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4 mins. Overview on Port forwarding.

Overview on Port forwarding in general – servers, games and surveillance. [...]
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20 mins. Comprehensive overview on physical wire setup on a DVR.

20 mins. Linksys router – DVR. Comprehensive overview on physical wire setup on a DVR [...]

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