Security Video Doorbell – Product Evaluation

We all have heard a lot about security video doorbell, which helps us to know, who is there at the door and decide what to do, anywhere in the world using a smartphone! Video Doorbell could give significant peace of mind, if it fits your situation.

> Ease of installation (wired or wifi)
> On-demand video on your phone - iOS, Android, Windows, BB
> Performance of the equipment under extreme weather conditions - outdoor, extreme cold or hot
> Two way audio to converse with whoever is at the door
> Motion alert - know who is there, even if no one rang the bell
> Cloud recording (incase if someone steals the camera)
> Technical support & Warranty
> Price - Total Cost of Operations (upfront and monthly recurring if any)

Once you have decided which features you would need, other important facts to consider are:
> Amazon Product Reviews (as of Oct 2016) Ring 4.5* Skybell 2.5* August 2.5* Notifi 3.5*
> Apple AppStore Rating (as of Oct 2016) Ring
> Google Play rating (as of Oct 2016) Ring 3.5* SkyBell 2.5* August 3*

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